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We offer the Student a unique course in Home Study. Most of the course consists of audio in part 1 of the total course, with the bulk text pages forming a part of the second section of the course.

The techniques taught are elementary in principle and by following the audios, memory enhancement happens spontaneously without effort.

The course consists of NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) which has over the years been the “new technology” of mind/body training. In addition, the student is taught various techniques as well as information relating to “nice to know” facts about the brain, areas of related study interests and tips not revealed in any other course. Remember – your “I can” is way more important than your “IQ”


The course has been comprehensively designed to assist anyone who is undertaking any kind of academic study. Whether you are a university student, a senior scholar or studying to become a tutor you will benefit from this programme. Whatever your field of study towards an educational level, this study course is what you need, to prep you for your scholarship in whatever direction you might wish to take.

This course, designed for anyone over the age of 16 who is studying for any kind of exams, is not subject specific and will be a valuable tool for anyone, from a budding high school science pupil to a language major at university level!

During your educational career, you will have to provide yourself with additional skills apart from your studies. These additional skills should be useful to you in improving your life long future and lifestyle.

This is the opportunity of learning how to study the correct way and become the master of your own destiny.

happy multi cultural students

The course is divided into three sections:

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These are short exercises to help you relax mentally and physically. By merely listening to the audios, relaxation takes place spontaneously, and is vital to the success of this course.


By making use of the techniques applied in section two, the field is set in making use of Neuro Linguistic Programming skills, giving the mind a trapping device for memory storage and recall.


By reading the tips and tricks, you will gain a better understanding as to the way textbooks are compiled by the authors. You will also learn shortcuts to understanding the book better and getting through your work quicker by 'skipping and browsing'; this technique increases your reading speed and note writing.

This course is designed for Senior Students from Grade 10 Upwards

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